The Process

Requirement to participate

Make the donation of the value according to the accommodation chosen;
Bring everything that was asked on the list;
We ask your cooperation with love to flow the abundance of our work!

What to bring

- Offer of organic tobacco for Temazcal, white sage and crystals for the altar;
- Flowers for the flower mandala (Use your creativity and bring the colors and types you feel);
- Sleeping bag and pillow (suggestion: take thermal insulation as it can be very cold);
- Towel and swimsuits;
- 1 medium size candle and something to hold it;
- White clothes for the ceremonies (skirt, scarf etc);
- Clothes for the temazcal (sarong and bikini that may get dirty);
- Clothes for cold and waterproof closed shoes (it is very cold at night, we will be high up in the south of the country);
- Yoga mat or sarong, clothes for practices;

- Maraca or some other percussion instrument;
- Anklets rattle (yayoyote);
- String and scissors for making the crowns;
- Notebook for notes and pencils;
- Flashlight, cover of rain and 1 large garbage bag;
- Paints to paint the flag;
- Special accessories that you feel for the ceremonies;
- Musical instruments that you feel;
- Bring everything you need to make a cozy spot for evening temple ceremonies, including blankets and pillows. Light colors are preferred. You will be sleeping in the space of the ceremony, so get ready to create your space in a cozy and safe way;
- Face mask (covid-19);


If this is your first time, or this is a regular spiritual practice for you, adhering to these guidelines will allow ease and lightness on your journey.

We ask that you read this page entire

By saying YES to the work, you agree to the following points:

Discipline: All ceremonies have a start and end time. Arrive 10 to 20 minutes before each activity so that it happens on time. Adapt to the discipline. For the day the event starts, arrive between 10 am and 12 pm and plan to stay until 1 pm, and answer all calls for work on time.

Sacred space: The space where the works are realized is sacred and energetically protected. You will be in this space from the beginning to the end. It's not allowed to smoke, bring pets and alcoholic drinks.

Confidentiality: you will only talk about your experience, in the first person, and will not share names or personal experiences with someone who is not in our circle. Do not film or take pictures of the camp and ceremonies;

Silence: In this space silence (Mauna) is the suggested practice, so, avoid conversations, when it is not the proposal. For those who choose to eat, the space IS OF SILENCE. When you are in the space of calls for ceremonies, silence is CRUCIAL. If you need to communicate something, do it through the facilitators and SEVAS.

Respect: You will respect everyone's journey in space, sisters, brothers and the elements. Give everyone the dignity of your own process. You are not here to fix, judge, guide or offer feedback to anyone in this space. If someone asks for your support, by all means, share your gifts. Otherwise, focus on your own inner work. Couples are invited to sit separately during the ceremony. Bring unity and love to work.

Enter at least 1 temazcal.

Notify us IMMEDIATELY if you are taking controlled medication.


– 6 (seis) dias de acampamento;
– 6 (seis) dias completos de aulas, workshops, grupo de mães e compartilhamento de habilidades;
– 6 (seis) dias de acomodação na casa ou espaço para barraca;
– Práticas diárias de: yoga, cerimônias e meditação;
– 5 (cinco) dias de cerimônias noturnas, sendo uma delas uma cerimônia com Ayahuasca no penúltimo dia;
– Suporte emocional no grupo de até 1 (um) mês após o processo;

- Online workshop prior to the MWG preparation, facilitated by Elisa Rose Waters;
- Access to 2 (two) ceremonies in Temazcal;
- Hot teas served at Nourishment House;
- Mama lodge, where mothers and babies can relax and receive support from other mothers;
- Access to Medicine Village.


- Start preparing at least a month in advance.
- Release all alcohol from your body.

In the week before and before work:

- Do not consume fermented foods (cheese, cured meats, kombucha, etc.);
- Caffeine, theine, sugar and salt;
- Negative media (films, TV, social media, etc.);
- Avoid eating animal products;
- Sexual activity;
- Anything that can lead to orgasm, including individual practice;
- Increase your intake of fresh and organic foods and fruits;
- Increase your fluid intake between 2- 3 liters of fresh, clean water every day.

The day before work, what not to eat:

- Alcohol;
- Any other vegetable medicine;
- Caffeine and theine;
- Animal protein (meat);
- Dairy products;
- Canned yeasts and flours;
- Anything made with canola oil;
- Very spicy food;
- Soy products;


Continue or start some meditative process, or any other internal connection procedure, after all, the work depends on your relationship with yourself. Self-love, self-care and self-esteem are very important for this sacred moment.

And remember:
- The goal is to fast the entire 6 (six) days. Prepare your body for this;
- And for special needs, we will serve fruit and soup with a separate charge.


- Notify us IMMEDIATELY if you are taking prescription drugs;
- You must enter at least 1 Temazcal;
- Use face mask and gel alcohol;
- It is FORBIDDEN to film and take pictures of the camp and ceremonies;

- It is FORBIDDEN to smoke, to bring pets and alcoholic beverages;
- IT IS FORBIDDEN to film and photograph people if not yourself or whoever gives permission.
- IT IS FORBIDDEN to ask for any outside food during the MWG period (ifood etc) and that failure to comply with this agreement will lead to the cancellation of your stay at the event and a ban on attending the next MWG.


Fly to Porto Alegre airport. Observe the time your flight lands. LANDING UNTIL 11 AM. The van leaves the airport at 11:30 am on October 16. Return: Depart at 3 pm from Osório on October 21st.

Coming from Porto Alegre: By the end of the Free-way begins the lateral range to BR 101. Take this lane, pass by Schell gas station and arrive at Ipiranga gas station. The return is in front of Ipiranga gas station (there is a sign indicating Borussia), and right after turning, begin to go up the hill, between Chimarrão gas station and Juvesa. Go always ahead (don't turn any entrance). When passing through Borussia fridge (on the right) and Dodô restaurant (on the left), keep going for 500 meters where you will find a bifurcation on the right (at this point, there is a sign Invernada e Rampa de Vôo Livre Nordeste). From there, keep going for more 4km to arrive at the ranch. At the entrance there are signs indicating the way and it is suggested to engage the first gear of the car and do not let the engine stop when going uphill.

TERRA E MAGIA is situated 104 km from Porto Alegre by Free-way and 8 km from Osório, in Caraá.


- Article 49 of Law 8,078 / 09 of the Consumer Protection Code guarantees a legal period of 7 days after the purchase for the participant to request a refund of payment;
- After the period of 7 days, 50% of the amount it will be up to the administration to bear the basic costs of the event, that is, after this period, the consumer may still request a refund of 50% of the value, or else, pass on his ticket to another person with the full amount or agreed between the companies. parties, this act being the sole responsibility of the consumer.


How to Participate

The Process

Medicine Women Gathering